Heywood Central v Liverpool

January 9, 1893
This return match was played at Heywood on Saturday. Considerable local interest was aroused, as the home supporters were anxious to see the team who had so soundly trashed their players the week previous.

Andrew Hannah lost the toss, and had to face a stiff breeze. The homesters at once pressed, and early on secured a corner, which was cleared by James McBride. W. Webster obtained possession and requisitioned Sydney Ross’s defensive powers, but that ubiquitous individual was ever on the alert, and displayed his capabilities with undoubted effect.

The pressure being eased Liverpool paid a visit to W.H. Sharples, but Hugh McQueen was unfortunate in shooting over, a feat which Thomas Wyllie repeated a little later. J. Pearson relieved and gave his forwards possession, and McWhinnie suffered hard lines in grazing the upright. Again was the Liverpool goal in jeopardy, as Heywood infused a great amount of dash into their play, and unsuccessfully claimed a goal for the leather being over the line when Ross finally cleared.

Playing with redoubled energy the Heywood team were at last rewarded, as for a very questionable foul given against Liverpool T. Woolfall notched the first point. Although maintaining the advantage in play, the home team had not increased their score up to half-time. Liverpool who now had the assistance of the wind, attacked strongly, but the defence of T. Evans and Pearson was exceptionally fine, and for a spell all the efforts of the visitors were neutralised.

Then Hannah had to exhibit remarkable promptness and agility to save his goal, but gradually the visitors were assuming the upper hand, and before long that most prolific scorer of the team, Wyllie had notched his usual goal.

After this success the Liverpool players continuously peppered Sharples from all positions, and it appeared as though he and the fates were going to defy all attempts to lower his citadel; but McBride, who had sent in several magnificent shies was at last rewarded in seeing one of the curlers completely baffle the home custodian.

From the outset the visitors held full command of the game, but were unable to increase the score, and thus maintained their position at the top of the league by a win of 2 goals to 1.
(Source: Liverpool Mercury: January 9, 1893)

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