Everton refused lottery

January 19, 1893
Something like a feeling of consternation was occasioned in Liverpool football circles yesterday by the announcement that the Government had interfered and prohibited a draw or lottery that was announced to take place.

The Everton Football Club, playing at Goodison Park, have arranged to give there a grand theatrical football match in aid of the Royal Infirmary and the Stanley Hospital. In connection with this and for the same charitable object books of tickets for a draw have been issued.

The tickets are sold at 1d. each, and the person who would draw the lucky number obtains a £5 note. This has come to the knowledge of Sir. A.K. Stephenson, director of public prosecutions, who has intimated to the committee of the Everton Football Club that his attention had been called to the “lottery” which was proposed, informed them that such a scheme was illegal, and those who took part in promoting it were subject to heavy penalties.

In the face of this intimation the “draw” on behalf of the charity has been abandoned.
(Source: Yorkshire Evening Post: January 20, 1893)

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