A bet gone wrong

January 21, 1893
Shortly after five o’clock on Saturday evening a woman passing along York-street, Bury, saw a man climb over the boarding (about 7ft. high) which separates what is known as “Old Charley’s” lodge from the street, and, concluding that he intended to drown himself, she gave alarm.

Two or three policemen were speedily on the spot, and the lodge was dragged, with the result that the dead body of a young man who was afterwards identified as Joshua Ashworth, aged 26, was recovered.

The deceased had latterly worked as a labourer for the Corporation, and lived in lodgings at 9, Hunt’s yard, Bell-lane, his father residing at 36, Victoria-street, Elton.

He drew his week’s wages on Saturday morning, but when his clothes were searched on Saturday night only 7d. was found upon him.

He had been to the Bury v. Liverpool football match on Saturday afternoon, and it is surmised that he lost most of his money in betting upon it. He was to have been married next week.
(Source: Manchester Courier: January 23, 1893)


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