Too fat for football

January 25, 1893
At Woolwich County Court yesterday, an action was heard before Judge Bristow which created great interest, especially in the sporting community. George Davie, the old centre-forward in the Royal Arsenal Football Club, sued the club committee for £50 for wrongful dismissal.

The plaintiff said he was engaged at £3 a week, with a bonus of £70, as a professional player to the club. He played one year and was engaged for a second season.

On September 3 last year the Arsenal played Gainsborough Trinity. He got a kick which precluded his punctual attendance in training, but played 12 matches after the kick.

In November the Committee complained of his non-attendance at training, and threatened suspension, and on December 6 dismissed him. For the defence Dr. Williams, the club surgeon, said that after September the plaintiff was perfectly able to attend training and play matches.

John Campbell, the club’s trainer, proved that the plaintiff only attended 54 out of 156 trainings, and was getting too fat to make a good football player.

The jury gave a verdict for the defendants.
(Source: Yorkshire Evening Post: January 26, 1893)

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