Sheffield United F.C.: The annual meeting of 1893

January 30, 1893
At the annual meeting of the Sheffield United Cricket and Football Club, held in the Pavilion, Bramall Lane Ground, Sheffield, last night, a long discussion took place upon the state of the balance sheet, the year’s working having shown a heavy loss in regard to football, the receipts being £2,327, whereas the cost of playing the game had been £3,208.

It was pointed out by one of the proprietors that a balance was brought forward of £865 from last year to the credit of the club, and that also had been absorbed, making the total loss on the year’s working £1,593.

On behalf of the committee it was explained that the accounts were only made up to November 30.

The real reason of the loss was that the club was only playing in what the public deemed second competitions.

If once they could get into the first division of the League, the finances of the club with regards to football would undoubtedly improve.

Several members, including the Chairman (Mr. M.J. Ellison), regretted that football has ever been connected with Bramall Lane ground.

Ultimately it was agreed that the meeting should be adjourned until May, when a motion would be brought forward to the effect that in future the financial year should not close until April 30th.
(Source: Leeds Mercury: January 31, 1893)

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