Meeting for the benefit of the Theatrical Gala

February 3, 1893
A meeting of a number of gentlemen who formed the committee of the theatrical football which took place at Anfield last year was held at Neptune Hotel last evening. Mr. John Houlding presided, and there was a numerous attendance.

The Chairman explained that it was their intention to carry on the good work inaugurated some years ago by the late Mr. Albert Smith. When Thursday’s match at Goodison Park was mooted he and his colleagues thought it was advisable not to push their scheme forward until the other entertainment was over, and now that it has passed off it behoved them to buckle to and make their efforts successful (hear, hear). He trusted they would all do their best for the good at the two hospitals, the Northern and the Stanley, and spare no pains to make the affair a thorough success (applause).

Captain Wombwell was then appointed president, with Mr. Houlding as chairman, and a committee of the following gentlemen: – Messrs. William Houlding, J. Malone, L. Peake, Arthur Bamford, Joseph Bell, C.F. Bennett, William Barclay, John Dermott, H.P. Ellis, J.D. Eastman, Woods, Lawrence Crosthwaite, C. Kelly, Harry Oldfield Cooper, Dr. Dalzeil, Messrs. Sidney B. Cooper and Henry Heard were appointed hon. Secretaries, and Messrs. Bamford and W. Houlding hon. Treasurers.

The date of the match has been fixed provisionally for Thursday, March 2, and a host of attractions and novelties will be provided. Thanks to the energy of Mr. Malone, it is highly probable, if the consent of the various managers can be secure, that a match will be arranged between a team of pantomime artistes from the various Manchester theatres and a team from the local playhouses. This in itself is sure to prove a big draw. In addition to this, the Lancashire County Cricket Eleven have consented to attend, and meet any local eleven, and play them in a game of football. There will be the usual number of “side shows,” whilst a bevy of ladies will be deputed to carry on the good work of selling photographs, cigars, &c. A number of influential gentlemen have promised donations and prizes for the various foot races which will be decided, and altogether everything points to a most successful issue.
The venue of the gala will be the ground of the Liverpool Football Club, Anfield.
(Source: Liverpool Echo: February 4, 1893)

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