Liverpool only just win

February 20, 1893
Liverpool appeared at Nelson for the first time where the ground was in a very heavy and sticky condition. Liverpool immediately began to press, Hugh McQueen on the left putting in some good work, and from a pass of his, the visitors scored after fifteen minutes’ play. Nelson made several spurts and once R. Brown got dangerous, but Duncan McLean charged him down, and from another foul on McLean’s part Nelson had hard lines in not scoring. Liverpool got away and scored a very fine goal, as the result of some nice passing, after which Charles McGuffie, a Nelson half, got hurt, and limped about for some time, and half-time arrived with Liverpool two goals in hand.

On the re-start Nelson pressed almost continually, but for a long time could not score, though at length from a bully in front the ball was forced through, and after ten more minutes had elapsed James Fairbairn got the best of McLean and equalised. A stiff struggle then ensued for victory, but Liverpool had the luck and got a winning goal.

The match was hard fought, and there seemed not a pin to choose between the teams on the day’s form.
(Source: Athletic News: February 20, 1893)

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