Liverpool F.C.: Weekly review: February 20, 1893 (Liverpool Mercury)

February 20, 1893
Liverpool are not going too strongly just now. To only vanquish the ”wooden-spoonist” of the Lancashire League by 3 goals to 2 is not a performance the team can feel proud about, but they were by far the better team in their initial efforts, and with a little more judgement shown by Malcolm McVean and Hugh McQueen would, without doubt, have gained a more substantial lead at half time than the two goals obtained.

Sydney Ross had the misfortune to severely injure the fingers of his left hand, and was off the field while a doctor examined him, and it was mainly due to this fact that Nelson scored, as the combination of a heavy, greasy ball, with a disabled hand, caused the visiting custodian to fumble on several occasions, and resulted in the leather being rushed through twice.

Duncan McLean again played a strong game, but Andrew Hannah at times was not up to his usual standard. James McBride, if anything, was slightly better than his fellow associates, some of whom played their best. Among the forwards John Miller, Malcolm McVean and Hugh McQueen got through a much greater amount of work than did the right wing, and it would materially conduce to success if Matt McQueen could be found a permanent place in the defence. Willie Almond and Sanderson (late of Rovers) were the prick of the home team, an on the form exhibited by Nelson on Saturday it is difficult to understand their position in the League.
(Source: Liverpool Mercury: February 20, 1893)

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