The final plans for the Theatrical Football Gala

February 24, 1893
A meeting of the gentlemen interested in the theatrical football match which is fixed to take place on the ground of the Liverpool Club, at Anfield, on Friday next, too place at the Neptune Hotel last evening. Councillor John Houlding occupied the chair, and there were also present Messrs. Sidney B. Cooper and Henry Heard (hon. Secretaries), Thomas McCracken, William Houlding, J.A. Malone, H.P. Ellis, S. Mattison, William Barclay, C. Kelly, Tom Bush, William Savage, Harry Oldfield Cooper, C.F. Bennett, Joseph West, Wood, &c.

With regard to the various races which are to take place on the gala day, it was stated so far 170 entries had been received, and there was every prospect of the number being increased to 200 before the day of the match.

A long list of prizes has been received, amongst other donors being Councillor Houlding, Messrs. W. Houlding, T. McCracken, J.H. Dunne, J. Kendall, and C. Jennings. Stewards were appointed to look after the pay gates, the arrangements on the ground, and other details in connection with the gala, and it was stated that everything pointed to a most successful issue to the match.

Mr. Thomas McCracken said that Mr. J.H. Dunne and himself would be glad to entertain the committee at a dejeuner on the morning of the match. The offer was unanimously accepted with thanks. It was also arranged that the chairman (Mr. J. Houlding) should receive the Mayor (Mr. R.D. Holt) and other patrons of the match at his residence, Stanley Park, prior to proceeding to the football ground. The meeting was then adjourned until Wednesday next.
(Liverpool Echo: February 25, 1893)



February 24, 1893
Charity, as each year rolls by, demands and obtains greater support from all classes of the community, and it is for the football public to show their increased interest this year that attention is drawn to the theatrical match next Friday, on the ground of Liverpool Club, Anfield.

The gates will be opened at twelve o’clock, about which time a grand procession will arrive from the city, headed by Messrs. Keirnan and Cross` band, and Whimsical Walker and his donkey. The whole of the artists of the Liverpool Theatres, together with those of the Manchester Theatres, will form an imposing scene, and will give the Liverpool public an opportunity of witnessing the costumes of the artists from our sister city.

Mr. Frank Sugg will introduce a novelty in bringing down a Lancashire County cricket team, which will include Briges, Barlow, Ward, Tinsley, Baker, Mold, Irving, and several others, and this array of cricketing talent will oppose the Liverpool first team. The piece de resistance will be the great struggle for supremacy between the Liverpool and Manchester artists, who, it must be told, have been undergoing a a course of training for some weeks – the Manchester gentlemen exercising on the Ardwick Club’s ground, while the Liverpudlians have utilised that at Anfield.

It may also be recorded that each team is in ”grim” earnest, and therefore something more than a burlesque on football will be seen. Following this come the sports for the artists, and the large number of prizes, the value of which is over £50, will be competed for in a good programme of 150 entries, and which includes bicycle races, ladies` races, tug-of-war, obstacle race, veterans` race, 100 yards &c. During the afternoon the band of the 12th Royal Lancers, stationed at Seaforth, will play.
(Liverpool Mercury: February 25, 1893)



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