FA Cup matches

Preston North End v Middlesbrough Ironopolis 7-0 (FA Cup: February 25, 1893)

February 25, 1893
Match: FA Cup, Third Round, replay, at Deepdale.
Preston North End – Middlesbrough Ironopolis 7-0 (5-0).
Attendance: 8,000.
Referee: Mr. Ashmole (Derby).
Preston North End (2-3-5): George Drummond, Bob Holmes, Nick Ross, Billy Greer, Moses Sanders, Billy Stewart, Jack Gordon, Jimmy Ross, Dave Russell, Frank Becton, John Cowan.
Middlesbrough Ironopolis (2-3-5): Charles Watts, James Elliott, Ambrose Langley, Donald McNair, Bob Chatt, Sid Oliver, Jack Hill, Archie Hughes, Willie McArthur, Tom Seymour, Wally McReddie.
The goals: 1-0 Russell, 2-0 Jimmy Ross, 3-0 Cowan, 4-0 Becton, 5-0 Becton, 6-0 Becton, 7-0 Russell.


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