Charity festival at Anfield

March 2, 1893
Charity festival at Anfield
The second annual football festival, inaugurated by the committee of the Liverpool F.C. in sole aid of that most deserving, yet inadequately supported, institution, the Stanley Hospital, took place yesterday at the Anfield ground.

Catering for followers of both codes, an Association and a really excellent Rugby game was provided, and, without doubt, the latter created more interest than the former. The dismal meteorological conditions under which the festival commenced completely nullified the arduous efforts of the special committee, as when the game Liverpool v Newton Heath commenced there were but about 2,000 spectators.

Owing to almost the whole of the Newton Heath team being in requisition, at the law courts in Birmingham as witnesses in the unique libel suit, “Newton Heath Football Club v. Birmingham Evening News”, the visitors were but poorly represented, and, to make matters worse, played throughout with but ten men.

In the first half Liverpool had much the best of the matters, and held complete sway, the monotony being only relieved by occasional bursts-away by John Clarkin and Alf Farman, who frequently showed a clean pair of heels to Duncan McLean; but by half time the home players were leading by two goals. The remainder of the play was of an uninteresting character although the visitors had the assistance of the wind, and Liverpool adding a third point won somewhat rather easily by 3 goals to nil.

Shortly after the close of the Association game the local Rugby teams – Liverpool and Old Boys v Birkenhead Park and New Brighton turned out. The game opened evenly, but eventually Liverpool took the lead on Wilson placing a goal from a fair catch. On restarting the Cestrians put in some neat work, principally forward. Eventually Nicholson sprinted beautifully down the left, and scored, but the goal-kick was a failure.

Scoring was now fairly brisk, for the Cheshiremen secured a penalty goal, following which Allen ran in a try. Nothing further was scored up to half-time, when the Liverpool team was leading by 7 points to 6.

After the change of ends the Liverpool contingent attacked strongly, but owing to the sloppy nature of the ground there were many mistakes made. Bell twice essayed at goal, but the ball glided harmlessly over the line, and only minors accrued.

Fenton and Nicholson at length brought the play to midfield, where Melly saved nicely, when Henshaw started a capital dribble, which resulted in Goold scoring near the corner. Wilson took the place kick, but failed at goal.

After the drop out Bell sprinted nicely down the left, but when a try seemed certain Nicholson stepped in the breach and punted nicely into touch. A moment later Bell was off again, and after a clever dodgy run scored near the corner flag. Wilson again failing at goal.

Loose forward play was of rare service to the Liverpudlians, and for a lengthy period packs were contested near the Cheshire line. At length Fenton got off with a capital run, and Bleasdale being in attendance the ball was carried to the Liverpool half. Goold recovered to midfield, and this brought about time, with the Liverpool contingent leading by 1 goal and 3 tries (13 points) to 1 goal (penalty) and 1 try (6 points).
(Source: Liverpool Mercury: March 2, 1894)

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