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That is not our boat!

March 3, 1893
To-day about 100 Scandinavian emigrants, who had just arrived in Liverpool, refused to proceed to America by the steamer Lord Clive, of the America Line. Their objection was simply that they had engaged to sail by the City of “something or other,” and that by a City of “something” they would go, and not by any other boat. It was useless to explain to them that the Lord Clive and City of “something” boats were all under one management now. Besides the boat had been waiting for two days for them, as she would have sailed on Wednesday. If the emigrants had not been delayed by the presence of ice in the North Sea they would have been in time for the City of Berlin, and as it was known that they were on the road the Lord Clive was detained for them. No arguments could avail with them, and they proceeded with their waggon load of baggage to a boarding-house. The puzzle now is what to do with them, and people are asking whether they can insist upon the International Company sending them via Southampton.
(Liverpool Echo: March 3, 1893)

Lord Clive (nej nej, not our ship, they said)

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