Liverpool F.C.: Weekly review: March 6, 1893

March 6, 1893
The low position in the Lancashire League table of the visitors at Anfield perhaps accounted for the moderate attendance on Saturday. Liverpool were too good for their opponents in all positions, and if the forwards had only put some dash into their play they could easily have made the score into double figures.

The defence of the home team just now is better than for some time. Duncan McLean is in capital form, while the half backs work with splendid zeal, the display of all on Saturday being so good that it would not be fair to individualise one more than the other. Of the forwards, the honours fell to Matt McQueen, who perhaps is not an ideal forward, having a tendency to lie back among the halves, yet was the only player who shot with any accuracy or strength.

John Miller worked very hard and unselfishly, and at times passed judiciously, but his shooting was not so good. Thomas Wyllie has gone off form altogether, and if he wishes to be of any use next week will have to improve a lot both in speed and play, especially as regards shooting for goal. The left wing did some clever work, but Malcolm McVean and John Miller should make more use of the generally accurate centres of Hugh McQueen. The goalkeeper of Nelson worked hard and successfully, and received great aid from the backs.
(Source: Liverpool Mercury: March 6, 1893)

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