No more thrill for Boylan and Gill

March 6, 1893
FREQUENTING WITH INTENT. – John Gill, James Hill, and Francis Boylan were charged with frequenting with intent. Detective officers Gibbons and Leybourne saw Gill and Hill on Saturday afternoon in a crowd in Deane-street. While Gill attempted to put his hand into a man’s pocket Hill covered him. Later in the afternoon they were seen in Great Charlotte-street behaving in a similar way in a crowd of people who were looking at the results of football matches posted in a shop window. At seven o’clock in the evening Boylan joined the other two, and all three continued similar operations to those mentioned. The officers arrested them. Boylan pleaded that he could not get work. In his possession were found a purse and a matchbox, both of which he said he had had given to him by a girl now undergoing a sentence of imprisonment. Gill and Boylan, having been previously convicted, were now sent to prison for six weeks, and Hill was sentenced to one month’s imprisonment.
(Liverpool Echo: March 6, 1893)

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