It was never a goal!

March 7, 1893
SIR, – On Saturday last Aintree Church Football Team met Liverpool Reserves in an engagement likely to decide the championship of the Liverpool and District League, which match resulted in a draw of 2 goals each. My object in writing to you, sir, is to ascertain from the referee, if possible, the reason why he gave Liverpool a second goal, as no such goal was scored. I know it is not altogether in good taste to question the decision of a referee, but I must enter my protest against the palpable injustice which was done to Aintree Church. That no second goal was scored by Liverpool can be proved by a score of witnesses standing by the goal. The ball was not within a yard of the goal mouth when it was cleared by Grattan, and a corner only should have been conceded. Hoping the referee will explain. – Yours, &c., W. Marsh – Walton, March 6, 1893.
(Liverpool Echo: March 7, 1893)