England v Wales 6-0 (International: March 13, 1893)

March 13, 1893
International: British Championship, at Victoria Grounds (Stoke).
England – Wales 6-0 (2-0).
Attendance: 10,000.
Referee: Mr. J. Campbell (Scottish FA); linesmen: Messrs. C.J. Hughes (Cheshire) and G.H. Jones (Shrewsbury).
England (2-3-5): John Sutcliffe (Bolton Wanderers), Tommy Clare (Stoke), Bob Holmes (Preston North End), John Reynolds (West Bromwich), Charles Perry (West Bromwich), Jimmy Turner (Bolton Wanderers), Billy Bassett (West Bromwich), James Whitehead (Accrington), John Goodall (Derby County), Joe Schofield (Stoke), Fred Spiksley (The Wednesday).
Wales (2-3-5): Jimmy Trainer (Wrexham and Preston North End), David Jones (Chirk and Bolton Wanderers), Charles Parry (Llansilen and Everton), Joseph Davies (Druids and Wolves), Edwin Williams (Flintshire and Crewe Alexandra), Edward Morris (Chirk), Edwin James (Chirk), James Vaughan (Druids), Ben Lewis (Wrexham and Middlesbrough), Robert Roberts (Crewe Alexandra), John Butler (Chirk).
The goals: 1-0 Spiksley (25 min.), 2-0 Spiksley (43 min.), 3-0 Bassett (47 min.), 4-0 Goodall (49 min.), 5-0 Reynolds (75 min.), 6-0 Schofield (88 min.).

Charles Perry,England and West Bromwich (Lloyd’s Weekly News: March 20, 1892).

Fred Spiksley, The Wednesday F.C. (Lancashire Evening Post: October 1, 1898).

John Goodall, Derby County (Lloyd’s Weekly News: April 2, 1893):

Charles Parry, Everton (Leeds Mercury: April 9, 1898):


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