A big win for Liverpool

March 17, 1893
The return fixture between these clubs took place last evening at Anfield. Liverpool were without Sydney Ross and Jock Smith, the former being seriously ill from an injury received last Saturday.

Liverpool: Matt McQueen, Andrew Hannah, Duncan McLean, John McCartney, Joe McQue, James McBride, Malcolm McVean, Thomas Wyllie, John Miller, Phil Kelly, Hugh McQueen.
Fairfield: Slater, Bennett, Thomas Handford, Whatmough, Lewis Campbell, Stuart Platt, James, Handford, William Egan, Roger Doughty.

Hannah won the toss, and Fairfield were the first to show up, but ere long superior skill, assisted by the elements, became ascendant, and the home team had much the best of the game.

A foul near the Fairfield goal resulted in McLean scoring off one of the visitors, and by half-time Miller had obtained two other points, and made the game three goals to nil in favour of Liverpool.

Upon resuming, the home players, who showed a refreshing amount of vigorous dash, were early to the fore, and Miller was not long in calling upon the visitors’ custodian to handle. Although playing with the wind Fairfield did not seriously threaten the home goal, and McCartney, McQue, and McBride (the Liverpool half-backs), being in good form, the home forwards were given many chances, and from a clever piece of combination, which resulted in a corner, Wyllie scored the fourth goal, which was later on followed by another from McQueen – a grand header – which the goalkeeper had no chance with, and the game ended in a decisive win for Liverpool by 5 goals to nil.
(Liverpool Mercury: March 17, 1893)


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