Liverpool ease into the local cup final

March 23, 1893
This tie, which was originally fixed to be played at Chester, was decided at Anfield-road last evening. Chester played their full strength, including Deighton and Wilson, late of the Caledonians, whilst Liverpool were without Sydney Ross and Jock Smith, neither of whom has yet recovered from his injuries. About 2,000 spectators lined the enclosure.

Liverpool: Matt McQueen, Andrew Hannah, Duncan McLean, John McCartney, Joe McQue, James McBride, Malcolm McVean, Thomas Wyllie, John Miller, John Cameron, Hugh McQueen.
Chester: Pay, Owen, Wilson, Astbury, Porter, Carter, Deighton, Fleming, Ashton, Heys, Lewis.

Ashton started, and after the opening exchanges Liverpool settled down in the visitors’ quarters, and when ten minutes had elapsed McQue placed the ball well into goal, and the home forwards rushed up and scrimmaged the first point through. Still keeping up the attack the homesters gave the Cestrians’ defence no rest, and corner after corner followed in quick succession. Heys saved a dangerous one, well put in by McVean, and giving to Ashton that player called upon McQueen to use his hands, who cleared in a most brilliant fashion.

Liverpool again returned to attack, and after good combination, McVean passed over to McQueen, who, having a possible chance, promptly banged the leather into the net. Chester then opened out somewhat, and a series of exchanges took place between Hannah and McLean for Liverpool, and Porter and Wilson for the visitors, and when the half-time whistle blew, Liverpool were found in the enemy’s quarter.

The second half opened in a spirited fashion, Chester being the first to the front, but only succeeded in crossing the goal line. Not to be denied, the visitors came again, and subjected the home goal to some severe pressure, and McQueen only saved under great difficulty, a feat he was loudly applauded for. This did not suit the home team, and again they were masters of the situation, and dashing play by the forwards allowed the visitors no rest, and a foul occurring close into goal, Hannah was enabled to score a third point by judicious placing of the ball.

The play of the Cestrians here improved, especially in the forward division, and the game became more open than hitherto, but so solid was the defence of McQue, McBride, and McLean, that danger was generally relieved before reaching McQueen, although Heys gave the latter a scorching shot which deserved to score.

During the last few minutes of the game McVean, Miller, and McQueen worked a most determined manner, and McVean obtained a fourth goal, while McQueen struck the crossbar with a terrific shot, which ought to have had a better fate. When time was called the home team had won their way into the semi-final by 4 goals to nil.
(Liverpool Mercury: March 23, 1893)


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