Liverpudliana: By Richard Samuel (March 25, 1893)

March 25, 1893
Liverpool advanced four points further in the League last week. Playing in a much improved manner, they easily defeated Fairfield and South Shore by a total of nine goals to one, and now nominally head the competition.

At neither match was there a great crowd, the calibre of the opposing teams not being a sufficient attraction. Against South Shore the home side opened in a dashing style, and it looked as though the Thursday match was going to be repeated, as by half-time, after fighting against the wind and sun, they had scored three goals to nothing. But history was to repeat itself, and the old fault against Duncan McLean, of leaving his position undefended, resulted in Birchall scoring a grand goal.

But growl as onlookers and others will, this good player, who now is playing better than at any other time this season, will not be advised on this very important point. Liverpool added another point and won by four goals to one, and here again comparing the time the homesters were in the visitors’ half, they should have obtained a more empathic result.

Coming to more recent events, the Executive prevailed on Chester to play the Liverpool Cup-tie at Anfield instead of Chester, and the victory at Liverpool was dearly bought. If the Cestrians showed their true form on this occasion it does not speak well for the Chester combination, for this crack team have twice suffered defeat at their hands. The visitors were especially disappointing in the first half, when they only once made a really decent attempt at goal, and this came from as most of their succeeding attacks, the left wing.

Up to the interval there was only one team in it, and that was Liverpool, who, despite a very good defence, put on two goals. In the second half the Cestrians showed us football more in keeping with their recent performances, yet they never came up to that shown by the Liverpool men, who ultimately won by four goals to one.

It appears to me that Chester had really lost the match before play began for they knowingly played an ineligible man in Deighton. The clubs left in are: Bootle, Liverpool, Aintree Church, and Everton, and the draw for the semi-final will take place next week.
(Source: Cricket and Football Field: March 25, 1893)


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