England v Scotland 5-2 (International: April 1, 1893)

April 1, 1893
Match: International, British Championship, at Athletic Ground (Richmond), kick-off: 15:35.
England – Scotland 5-2 (1-1).
Attendance: 20,000.
Referee: Mr. J. C. Clegg (English FA); linesmen: Messrs. A. Sliman (Scottish FA) and W. Macgregor (Football League)..
England (2-3-5): Leslie Gay (Old Brightonians), Alban Harrison (Old Westminsters), Bob Holmes (Preston North End), John Reynolds (West Bromwich), Johnny Holt (Everton), George Kinsey (Wolverhampton), Billy Bassett (West Bromwich), Robert Cunliffe Gosling (Old Etonians), George Huth Cotterill (Captain, Old Brightonians), Edgar Chadwick (Everton), Fred Spiksley (The Wednesday).
Scotland (2-3-5): John Lindsay (Renton), Walter Arnott (Queen’s Park), Robert Smellie (Queen’s Park), David Mitchell (Glasgow Rangers), James Kelly (Celtic), Willie Maley (Celtic), William Sellar (Queen’s Park), Thomas Smith Waddell (Queen’s Park), James Hamilton (Queen’s Park), Alex “Sandy” McMahon (Celtic), John James Campbell (Celtic).
The goals: 1-0 Gosling (15 min.), 1-1 Sellar (30 min.), 1-2 Sellar (47 min.), 2-2 Cotterill (61 min.), 3-2 Spiksley (72 min.), 4-2 Spiksley (75 min.), 5-2 Reynolds (80 min.).

George Kinsey, Wolves (Lloyd’s Weekly News: October 1, 1893):

Fred Spiksley, The Wednesday F.C. (Lancashire Evening Post: October 1, 1898).

Robert Cunliffe Gosling, Old Etonians (Lloyd’s Weekly News: September 22, 1895).

Sporting Life: April 1, 1893:

David Mitchell, Glasgow Rangers (Glasgow Evening Post: February 28, 1891)

James Kelly, Celtic (Scottish Referee: January 21, 1889):

Willie Maley, Celtic F.C. (Glasgow Evening Post: April 9, 1892):

William Sellar, Queen’s Park (Lloyd’s Weekly News: April 10, 1892):


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