Liverpudliana: By Richard Samuel (April 1, 1893)

April 1, 1893
Rossendale gave Liverpool a rare shaking up on Saturday in the return League match at Anfield. The up-country lads started with rare dash and vigour, and had they met men of less experience than that which constitutes the Liverpool defence they must have put on some goals. This went on a bit, and then the home forwards had a turn, and gradually getting the upper hand, the Rossendale defence was thoroughly tested. For a while they were successful in dealing with the home attacks, but Joe McQue eventually got in a nice shot, which was rushed through. After this the pressure was maintained on the visitors’ goal until J. Ireland fastened on the ball, and came down the centre in fine style, and, what is more, finished up with equalising the scores.

The second half was again favourable to Liverpool, but the Rossendale lads died gamely, and were only defeated in the end by two goals to one. McQue again played a fine half back game for the homesters, and is rapidly gaining a name for himself. The Liverpool club have a good list of fixtures for the holidays, and the kick-off on Good Friday and Easter Monday has been arranged so that enthusiasts can see the games at Goodison Park and Anfield. Darwen is down on Friday, and the Corinthians on Monday. On Saturday, the team should journey to Stockton, and it looks very queer that in all probability the two teams will make the journey north together, as Stockton are down at Bootle on Friday, but could not be persuaded to stay over Saturday and play the match at Liverpool.
(Source: Cricket and Football Field: April 1, 1893)

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