Nuggets from Cricket and Football Field (April 1, 1893)

April 1, 1893
* Is there anything in a name? Everton put up at the “Spread Eagle” in Manchester.
* In the midnight air the cry is still heard – “Play up, Everton!”, “Play up, England!”
* Bootle v Liverpool and Everton v Aintree Church for the Liverpool Cup. The old rivals Bootle and Everton should meet once again.
* There is no love between Liverpool and Everton, and I hear of a tremendous and universal “Hooray!” when the League teams’ defeat was known.
* Smart Arridge is determined to stick to the blue and white verticals of Bootle. This should be gratifying to the prominent few of Bootle’s supporters.
(Cricket and Football Field: April 1, 1893)