Friendly encounter at Stockton

April 3, 1893
Stockton v Liverpool.
This friendly fixture was played off at Stockton before a moderate crowd. Stockton kicked off. Liverpool went off with a rush and speedily scored by means of McVean. Jones and McClung ran, but the visitors’ backs punted well back. Hands gave the Stockton lads a chance, but Graham shot weakly.

The Liverpudlians now made a strong attack upon the Stockton goal, and after Lindsay had saved Miller managed to elude Ramsey with a good shot. After a little midfield play the Stockton forwards worked and Jones centred, but McQueen saved finely. Play for some time was of an uninteresting character. Twice was hands obtained in the visitors’ goal mouth, but without any advantage to the Stockton team.

Play was slightly in favour of the Stockton team for some time, and one or two dangerous rushes were saved in good fashion by McQueen. Thomson send in a good shot, which just missed the crossbar. Townley and Strachan were conspicuous on the right wing for some good runs, but without, however, proving of any advantage.

The Liverpool team offered a strong defence, and resisted all efforts to score. Townley made a fine, and ended by shooting over.

At half-time the score stood – Liverpool, two; Stockton, nil.

Stockton commenced the second half with a strong rush and eventually Jones headed over from a centre by Townley. The Liverpudlians kept the leather well within the Stockton territory for a while, and made matters lively for the Stockton backs, but Shaw and McDermid were equal to the emergency, and staved off all endeavours to lower their colours. Stockton made a determined assault upon the Liverpool citadel, and were unlucky in not scoring.

Again returning to the attack, Townley put in a magnificent shot which beat McQueen, making the first goal for Stockton. Neither team seemed to be exerting themselves, and the play was of a very desultory character. Thomson and McClung both made good shots, but had hard luck, the ball in both instances just going over the crossbar.

After play had been principally in favour of Stockton McClung equalised with a beauty. Nothing further was done, and at full time the score stood:
Stockton 2 goals, Liverpool 2 goals.

Stockton: Charlie Ramsey, Billy Lindsay, Robert McDermid, Willie Willocks, James Graham, James Hulton, Billy Townley, Tommy Strachan, Gavin Thompson, Robert McClung, Jack Jones.
Liverpool: Matt McQueen, Andrew Hannah, Duncan McLean, John McCartney, Joe McQue, James McBride, Malcolm McVean, Thomas Wyllie, John Miller, Jock Smith, Hugh McQueen.
Referee: Mr. R. Peel (Middlesbrough).
(Northern Echo: April 3, 1893)


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