Liverpool F.C.: Weekly review: April 3, 1893 (Liverpool Mercury)

April 3, 1893
Liverpool had three severe matches to face during the holidays. Two are completed, and a strong muster of excited enthusiasts met to favour the second visit of Darwen. The game was almost a repetition of the late cup-tie – a hard-fought, exciting game, in which neither team could claim any material advantage.

Thomas Wyllie scored a fine goal early in the first half, when Liverpool were pressing somewhat and the result is a good reflection of the day’s play. Matt McQueen in goal acquitted himself as a veteran would, some of his saves being really brilliant. Andrew Hannah and Duncan McLean played in almost perfect style; in fact, it was thought that it is their best exhibition this season, and that is saying a great deal.

All the halves, as usual, were in good trim, Joe McQue showing a little above his wing men, and it is pleasing to remark that the forwards especially the inside men showed an improved amount of dash, which, if carried on, is sure to be productive of some astonishing results. Jock Smith ’s return to form is a welcome change, as his inclusion makes a wonderful difference in the team.

On Saturday the Liverpool team journeyed to Stockton, and met the team of that town. The visitors went off in a surprising manner, and scarcely a few seconds had elapsed before Malcolm McVean, with one of his characteristic rushes, had completely baffled the home custodian. John Miller followed with another, and then, strange to say, with this success, instead of spurring them to greater things, the Liverpudlians eased up, and the homesters by that means were enabled to make a draw of the game, virtually pulling the match out of the fire in the last few minutes.
(Source: Liverpool Mercury: April 3, 1893)

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