Liverpool beat Corinthians 2-0 at Anfield

April 4, 1893
Between 3,000 to 4,000 spectators were at Anfield for this game. Corinthians played two internationals that represented England against Scotland on Saturday last. The university men turned out somewhat early.

Liverpool: Matt McQueen, Andrew Hannah, Duncan McLean, John McCartney, Joe McQue, James McBride, Malcolm McVean, Thomas Wyllie, John Miller, Jock Smith, Hugh McQueen.
Corinthians: Leonard Rodwell Wilkinson, A.H. Harrison, Frederick Raymond Pelly, J.H. Lawrence, Humphrey Jones, H. Wilson, N. Stanborough, Gerald Dewhurst, Robert Cunliffe Gosling, J. Alexander, A.W. Pryce Jones.

Andrew Hannah, with his proverbial luck won the toss, and this caused the Corinthians to defend the Anfield goal against a blinding sun. Gosling commenced the game, and the visitors were at once to the front, Alexander putting in a rather wide shot. Liverpool then took up the running, and James McBride put in a rattling shot, which Malcolm McVean was just too late to convert.

The visitors then had a turn, and, from a judicious pass by Wilson to Humphrey Jones the latter player sent in a rather puzzling shot, which Andrew Hannah saved, but Pelly, meeting the ball returned with such good effect that, amidst he scrimmage formed in goal, the ball was nearly headed through.

This state of affairs did not seem to suit the Liverpool team, and they carried the ball to the other end, from which resulted a fruitless corner. Still continuing on the attack, Malcolm McVean got in with a grand sprint, and but for the timely interference of Pelly, who stepped in with a terrific sprint, calamity would have befallen the Corinthians.

Liverpool then did too much passing and re-passing, which did not gain ground, while remarkable precision was shown by Dewhurst, Gosling, and Alexander in a pretty combination down the centre, in which the former brought Matt McQueen to his knees in saving.

The home team, by clever combination, brought the leather again to Wilkinson, James McBride being especially prominent in bringing up the opposing forwards, and sending home with good effect.

From one of his efforts a grand chance was offered, but Harrison came to the rescue with a fine rush, and cleared in capital style. But, still being on the aggressive, Jock Smith led up a fine attack, which culminated in John Miller scoring a capital goal, which success was greeted by enthusiastic cheers.

The Corinthians followed this up with a splendid rush, and Gosling shot in with almost a successful effect. Even play then succeeded for a long time, and half time arrived with Liverpool leading by one goal.

When the sphere had been restarted, the three inside Corinthians forwards showed nice passing, and then Liverpool assumed command, and John Miller propelled a straight one, which nearly came off. Shortly afterwards a foul occurred in the visitors quarters, which, being well taken by Duncan McLean, was turned into account by a rush of the forwards, Hugh McQueen giving the final touch, the only decent point in his lay of the day and thus an interesting and clever game resulted in a win for Liverpool by 2 goals to nil.
(Liverpool Mercury: April 4, 1893)

Frederick Raymond Pelly, Corinthians (Lloyd’s Weekly News: March 19, 1893):


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