William Houlding married to Miss Henrietta Sarah Tinsley

April 5, 1893
At All Saints’ Church, Upper Norwood, London, the quiet wedding took place of Mr. William Houlding, son of Mr. John Houlding, Stanley House, Anfield, Liverpool, and Miss Henrietta Sarah Tinsley, only child of the late Mr. Thomas Henry Tinsley, at one time Mayor of Dudley, and granddaughter of Mr. Cooper, of Buckborough, Portobello, NB.

The service was non choral, the officiating clergyman being the Rev. James Watson, M.A, vicar of All Saints’.

Early in the afternoon Mr. and Mrs. William Houlding left for a Continental tour. Among those present in the church were: Mr. John Houlding, Mr. and Mrs. Knowles, Mrs. Joseph Wright and two sons, Mrs. Tinsley, Mrs. Gammon, Mrs. Peacock, Dr Dalzell, Dr Curtis, Mr. Cooper, Mr. and Mrs. Fitzsimmons, Mr. and Mrs. Sellars &.c.
(Source: Liverpool Mercury: April 6, 1893)

London Daily News: April 10, 1893.



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