Liverpool’s first visit to Newcastle

April 8, 1893
This match will be played at St. James’ Park to-day, the kick of being fixed for 2.45 prompt. As this is the first visit to Newcastle of the new Liverpool organisation, there ought to be a large attendance of the public.

Included in the visitors ranks is Jock Smith, the well-known old East End and Sunderland player; while the other members of the team have earned distinction in the football arena. Andrew Hannah, their right back, was for eight years a member of the Renton team, and was the captain of Renton when they won the championship of the world, while John Miller, the centre forward, played for the Dumbarton eleven when they were the Scottish League champions.

The game will be started by Ralph Carr, the well-known sculler, and the following are the teams: –

Liverpool: Sydney Ross, goal; Andrew Hannah and Duncan McLean, backs; John McCartney, Matt McQueen, and James McBride, half backs; Malcolm McVean, Thomas Wyllie, John Miller, Jock Smith, and Hugh McQueen, forwards.

Newcastle United: Dave Whitton or A. Knoldman, or A. Knoldman, goal; Harry Jeffrey and James Miller, backs; Robert Crielly, Willie Graham, Joseph McKane, half backs; Harry Reay, Thomas Crate, William Thompson, Pattison, and Collins, forwards.

Referee, Mr. R. Campbell.
(Newcastle Journal: April 8, 1893)


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