Nuggets from Cricket and Football Field (April 8, 1893)

April 8, 1893
* It’s only 2d. on the Overhead Railway.
* The Corinthians were routed at Liverpool.
* What price Everton League for the Liverpool Cup?
* According to some people, Liverpool isn’t half so large as Preston. Oh, no.
* Who is that brickfield player that Everton is said to have given £5 to as a retaining fee?
* That first goal allowed to Everton on Monday knocked all the steam out of the Wanderers.
* That breach between Bootle and Everton is widening and deepening. “Pity ‘tis, ‘tis true.”
* If ever a footballer deserved well of his townmen Alex Latta is that one. May he have a “bumper.”
* How many men in Scotland have signed for the “Toffee” club? What about Foyer, Adams, &c.?
* Fred Geary left yesterday to take John Goodall’s place in the inter-League match, and was to join Bob Howarth at Preston.
* If Bootle report Everton to the Association for not keeping their word with regard to the League team, Evertonians think they will be ill-advised.
* Had Richard Williams kept his charge as well at Fallowfield as he has lately at Goodison Road, Everton would not now be bemoaning the loss of that cup.
* Bicycles are not now allowed on Everton’s ground. Shame! “Must be left at the tobacconist’s.” Charge, 2d. each. Liverpool F.C. are no exacting.
* Alex Latta was in Glasgow this week arranging with the Celtic for his benefit at Goodison Park on the 18th inst. I understand the return match is not as yet definitely settled.
* Liverpool have returned to form, and their latest victories over Darwen and the Corinthians should inspire Mr. William Barclay and directors to better things. May you get them.
* That fool of a fellow who was blowing his whistle on Good Friday at Anfield should have been as summarily dismissed as was the supporter on the North End v Accrington game.
* You are very rich and powerful, Everton, and it will be to your own, as well as Bootle’s advantage, to find the tail as promised in Bootle’s Town Hall. Let not the ancient rancor return, but be together of the same winter sport.
* Everton are extremely sore with the knowledge that a Bootleite rushed out of the pavilion shouting at the top of his voice, “Wolves 1, Everton, 0,” and that the crowd took it up. They think they deserve better treatment for past favours.
* Oh, sir! I long and sigh to be a football player, and receive all those nice big wages and presents which Evertonians get, not to mention those stirring orations and demonstrative demonstrations as have fallen to Richard Williams and John Sutcliffe lately.
(Cricket and Football Field: April 8, 1893)


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