Liverpool F.C.: Weekly review: April 10, 1893 (Liverpool Mercury)

April 10, 1893
emerged from out of their Eastertide-matches in an eminently satisfactory manner. To defeat strong organisations like Darwen and Corinthians, and cope without disaster on their own enclosures those powerful Northern League clubs, Stockton and Newcastle United, says a lot for the ability of the Anfield players.

The game with the amateurs did not reach the high standard expected. Although assisted by well-known players the visitors on Monday did not make a great show, which, coupled with the careless style of play adopted by several of the homesters, robbed the match of a lot of interest.

Still many pretty points were shown by both sides, the three halves of Liverpool playing in rare form, while excellent but non-effective combination occurred repeatedly. Humphrey Jones, the late Queen’s Park player, exhibited a wonderful amount of vitality for so old a player, and Pelly quite outshone his companion at back in both kicking and tackling powers.

Frederick Raymond Pelly, Corinthians (Lloyd’s Weekly News: March 19, 1893):

Robert Cunliffe Gosling was the best of five very speedy forwards, who, though generally playing the individual game, combined with marked success at different periods of the game. Matt McQueen again proved his worth as a custodian, and with Duncan McLean in great form the home citadel remained intact.

Robert Cunliffe Gosling, Corinthians F.C.

Cliftonville provided the bill of fare on Tuesday, and being routed at all points were lightly defeated by 4 goals to 1, a result which by no means reflects the game, as overdoing the passing and re-passing, opportunities without number were allowed to pass by.

A better performance took place on Saturday, as having to travel a distance of 150 miles, arriving just in time to kick-off, the result of a draw, against such formidable antagonists, is very creditable, although the old failing in front of goal was again very evident.

To-day Liverpool have another journey to undergo, meeting Newtown.

Southport Central will be their opponents on Saturday next in the Lancashire League competition, whilst Bootle and Liverpool will fight for honours in their local cup tie on Monday next at Anfield.
(Liverpool Mercury: April 10, 1893)

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