Nuggets from Cricket and Football Field (April 15, 1893)

April 15, 1893
* Bob Kelso is rapidly acquiring the reputation of being the finest right back in the country.
* Is Jim Brandon, of Bootle, going to the Rovers next year? Or were some of the players joking?
* Goalkeeping at Bootle is only so-so lately – winless 12 goals against them in two matches.
* Fred Geary was considered the best forward on the field in the inter-League match, but Bob Howarth was below par.
* The Mayor was visibly shaking at Anfield as Bootle’s irresistible avalanches bore down to the pass below.
* Your press box, Liverpool, soiled my best trousers, and is therefore not too bad, nor yet too good, Ta-ra-ra.
* Alex Latta showed some discrimination in engaging the Celtic Club for his benefit. The return is a week later.
* £80 is the amount that accrued from Bootle’s well, what matters is when it will do them good in their extremity.
* Bootle astonished themselves against Preston North End, and when they scored that fourth goal there were sure of drawing at least.
* North End are disgusted at the Liverpool spectators.
* Billy Hughes upset the Jimmy Ross’s temper, likewise his balance.
(Cricket and Football Field: April 15, 1893)


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