Letter to the editor: The Liverpool football cup

April 15, 1893
To the editor of Liverpool Echo.
Sir, – A section of Liverpool football players and their friends are just now putting themselves into a white heat, and otherwise exhausting their vitality, over nothing at all. Somehow a rumour, which certainly has no official data for its support, has got abroad that Everton will, or have threatened should Liverpool defeat Bootle in the semi-final on Monday, contest the ultimate round with their Combination team. This, in the minds of some people, is a gross outrage on the Liverpool football public, and also levelling insult at the Bootle and Liverpool clubs. Bosh! Nothing of the kind! Allow me, sir, to specify a few words as a reason why the Everton Combination should be permitted to play in the final.

In the first case, they have up to now been considered good enough to contest in the competition, and bring the club into the final stage. Then, why should they be robbed of the final honours, and mulcted in the loss of the gold medals should the cup remain with Everton? It is a stubborn fact, that the Everton Combination team is very little inferior to the Everton League team, and both have been so mixed up this season that it would be hard to tell one from t’other. It’s the name only, and, as Shakespeare sarcastically asks, “What’s in a name?” For the sake of argument, take recent form. Last Saturday Everton Combination defeated Newtown by 9 goals to nil at Goodison Park, while Liverpool the following Monday could only manage to hold their own against the same club. True, the last-named match was played at Newtown. But the fact must not be overlooked that Everton Combination have also paid a visit to the Welshmen’s headquarters, and have the unique record of being the only team which has scored a victory there so far this season. It may appear infra dig, for either Liverpool or Bootle to run the risk of getting defeated by the “second” team of Everton, and the committee of the latter may also e blamed for want of respect to the Association should they decide to run the Combination to the end of the competition; but would it not be equally unjust, sir, to rob the men who have climbed the ladder to the last rung of the final honours?
– Yours, &c.,
(Liverpool Echo: April 15, 1893)

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