Where is the referee?

April 15, 1893
At Southport. McGill, the League referee, did not turn up, and after 40 minutes delay R.W.T. Hatch, a local man, was chosen. Liverpool started against a strong wind, and got down, but Fairhurst transferred, and the Central had a short spell in their opponents’ quarters.

Then their opponents became dangerous, and Jimmy Gee cleared happily. Hands fell to Central in their goal, and rushing down Hastings received a splendid chance from Hallows, who put on.

Liverpool again got down, and then after 12 minutes’ play Hastings cleared for the Central. Liverpool got the upper hand, and shot after shot was put over. At length, in 20 minutes, John Miller equalised.

Liverpool played up vigorously, and put their opponents greatly on the defensive. Central, however, often broke away. Then play was more even, and finally the Central put their friends on the defensive, Dodd and McGill worked hard.

Half time: – Southport 1, Liverpool 1.
Result: – Southport 1, Liverpool 1.
(Lancashire Evening Post: April 15, 1893)


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