Liverpudliana: By Richard Samuel (April 22, 1893)

April 22, 1893
The Liverpool Cup.
Bootle were drawn against Liverpool in the semi-final and the match came off at Anfield on Monday. McLoughlin’s services having been dispensed with J. Jackson, their old goalkeeper, once more filled the position between the sticks.

It was not a game that drew out all the resources of a goalkeeper, but Jackson did his work as well, if not better, than the other members of the Bootle team, and the goal that John Miller scored, and which won the match, was a good one. There was nothing flashy about it, but when a player works the ball to one side of the goal and the puts it through at the other, I consider the goal a good one and deftly obtained.

That was exactly what John Miller did. On the play Liverpool ought to have done much better in the scoring line, but their forwards made some awful messes of several easy chances. The Liverpool halves again demonstrated that they are a splendid trio, and, for once in a way, Andrew Hannah was in good form.

Duncan McLean was as safe as could be, and with William McOwen in goal, the Bootle men only had few chances to score. I have never seen them so weak. Do what they would the forwards could not make any impression, and it was seldom they showed up in favourable light. What combination was attempted was easily knocked on the head by the Liverpool halves, and throughout the game the forwards cut up a sorry figure. The Bootle defence, though not as good as that of Liverpool, was much better than the attack, and I was glad to see Jack Hutchinson play in something like his true form.

Liverpool now meet Everton in the final which takes place to-day, and the result will be found in another column.
(Cricket and Football Field: April 22, 1893)


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