Rest of Lancashire League win at Anfield

April 27, 1893
This match was played at Anfield last evening, in the presence of a very fair attendance of spectators. Smith took the place of Matt McQueen in the Liverpool team.

Liverpool: William McOwen, Andrew Hannah (C), Duncan McLean, John McCartney, Joe McQue, James McBride, Malcolm McVean, Thomas Wyllie, John Miller, Jock Smith, Hugh McQueen.
Rest of Lancashire League: Lawrence “Lol” Wright (Blackpool), Phil Bennett (Fairfield), William Russell (West Manchester), William Reagan (Heywood Central), Johnny Weir (Rossendale), George Ross (Bury), Billy Hogan (Fleetwood Rangers), Harry Tyrer (Blackpool), Willie Barbour (Captain, Bury), Billy Mather (South Shore), Billy Hastings (Southport Central).

Winning the toss, the homesters took the advantage given by the sun, and were not long in improving their position by scoring a fine goal, obtained by Wyllie.

Almost immediately following Hannah put through his own goal from a free kick given against McLean, and this score was unaltered at half-time. The visitors, who now exhibited splendid combination, obtained a decided monopoly, and before long secured the lead. But this point was not to be the crucial test, as the Rest of the League, by sheer force of determination, gave the Liverpool defenders a tremendous amount of working, notwithstanding their gallant defence.

Hannah again had the chagrin of presenting the opponents with another point. The visitors, seeing that most of them were unaccustomed to each other’s play gave every satisfaction and deserved their victory; but it was certainly evident that Liverpool, through the enormous amount of work they have gone through lately were somewhat out of condition, and lost by 3 goals to 1.
(Source: Liverpool Mercury: April 27, 1893)

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