Bootle and Liverpool 2-2 at Hawthorne Road

April 29, 1893
The last meeting for the season of the Bootle and Liverpool was but poorly patronised. Goodison Park, proving too strong an attraction for the usual followers of the respective clubs. Bootle won the toss and McVean, who took the centre position, kicked off against a stiff breeze.

Bootle breaking away on the left and getting the leather inside the net, but the whistle had just gone for off-side. Liverpool then took up the attack, some pretty work nonplussing the Bootle defenders, and a goal resulting from a scrimmage.

From the centre the Bootle boys got well away, the Liverpool halves checking well, but being eventually beaten, when Carthy took a pass from Montgomery, and equalised the score. Liverpool found it a difficult matter to face the wind, and Bootle for a time had all the best of the play, but only a barren corner resulted.

Clarkin and Gallocher put in some neat work, but McLean was more than a match for the Bootle right wingers, while McQue easily held Carthy in check. McOwen’s charge, however, had more than one narrow escape. The leather coming unexpectedly to the toe of Wyllie. Matt McQueen, who played outside right, made ground for the Liverpool team, but was robbed by McEwen, and Bootle again attacked on the right, but worked over the line.

By good passing Bootle again got to close quarters, but were repelled after forcing a couple of corners. McOwen saving well on two occasions. Smith and H. McQueen made a plucky effort to pass the Bootle defenders, but did not succeed, a subsequent effort, however, giving Wyllie a chance, but this was thrown away by a lofty shot.

Bootle resumed their attack, but had shooting spoiled otherwise good work. At length Carthy got home with a low shot, giving Bootle a lead, which they maintained to the interval, when the score was – Bootle 2 goals, Liverpool 1.

On resuming Bootle played well against the wind. Gallocher missing an easy chance of increasing the home lead. A brisk attack by the Liverpool forwards brought out some good defence on the home side. Arridge, as usual, covering Whithead in grand style. McVean, who occupied the central position for Liverpool, made a grand run, and shot straight for Whitehead, who saved cleverly, and play went to the visitors’ end.

Final result: Liverpool 2, Bootle 2.
(Source: Liverpool Echo: April 29, 1893)


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