Nuggets from Cricket and Football Field (April 29, 1893)

April 29, 1893
* £230 Liverpool and Everton gate, and the ground looked as packed as it could be.
* Billy Lindsay and Harry Reay are likely to prove very valuable recruits to the Everton ranks.
* Great interest is centred in the forthcoming Everton, Liverpool, and Bootle balance sheets.
* It cost Liverpool about £2,500 to win their “blushing honours.” Yet do they deserve them.
* David Russell has been appearing in a Liverpool music-hall this week, and beaming as “The Football Moon!”
* There is no question about it, Liverpool wasted time by delay and by kicking out, but was the time deducted?
* Bootle’s patriotism is conspicuous for its absence, of one may judge from the attendance of Tuesday evening.
* Each Liverpudlian received £10 a man for taking down Everton in the Liverpool Cup. And well was it merited.
* A certain Everton director – I’ll spare his name – shouted out publicly to Herbie Arthur to go and keep goal instead of refereeing.
* In the struggle, I observe some questionable tactics by Andrew Hannah, but so quickly and neatly done that they almost defied detection.
* Billy Hughes is much upset in having to wait till next season for his benefit. Never mind, old chappie, you may be happy yet.
* Liverpool have a lot to thank South Shore and Southport Central for.
* Matt McQueen is wrapped in bandages after his encounter with Deadwood Dick.
* Everton have not been too kind in their treatment of the Liverpool Association.
* Liverpool looked inside the cups to see if Bury or Everton had left any tears in them.
* Who stood under the shower bath at Anfield and then turned the same on whilst in his shirt and stocking feet? Ask George Ross.
(Cricket and Football Field: April 29, 1893)


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