Supper to players and friends of Bootle F.C.

April 29, 1893
Last Saturday evening, in the Victoria Hotel, Miranda Road, Bootle, upwards of two elevens of players and friends of the above club sat down to partake of all the good things provide by Mr. Barrett, through the kindness of their popular president, Councillor John Vicars, whose enforced absence in Port Erin, Isle of Man, was universally regretted. But his best wishes (by telegram) for a nice evening were entirely realised, as the three hours of mirth and merriment, interspersed by speeches from the Chairman, Mr. J.D. McMurray, and others in galore, were simply “galotious,” and caused one to feel sorry the had not had a more victorious season.

The Chairman paid a very high eulogium to their benefactor when he said that Bootle’s ex-Mayor, the club’s president, “has done more for football than any other public man in Bootle,” and whether defeat or good fortune has been their lot, his disposition has always been the same to his players. Speeches (added the Chairman) on occasions like these, are usually eulogistic, and though they had no cups to grace the table that evening, or any medals for their players’ chains, still he believed that the Bootle Flag (capitals please) will yet be floating gaily triumphant. Ah! said he, if we could only imbue that spirit in Bootle hearts that is found in the neighbourhood of Goodison Park. But they are not going to die, as the gentlemen at the helm have profited by experience, and will stand fully equipped by next September to battle with the strongest forces.

My best wishes go with them, and carry them through! I append our programme, which, like ourselves, was adequately filled to satisfaction, for it will be seen that the toasts – good old toasts – were as numerous as the various items of amusement:

After the usual overture by Mr. Favier.
Song: “The Irish Jubilee” (J. Finlayson).
* Well sung, for much was remembered.

Toast: “The players,” proposed by Mr. Dunbar, and seconded by Jack Hutchinson, in absence of Captain Smart Arridge, and drunk with glee.

Song: “The Warrior Bold” (Billy Hughes).
* Received as deserved.

Toast: “The Bootle Directors,” proposed by Mr. John Jackson, and seconded by that indefatigable secretary Mr. R. Betts.

Song: “The Old Arm Chair” (J. Mitchell).
* As usual to the fore in singing as in working.

Toast: “The Visitors,” proposed by Mr. Ryder, whose popularity weakened his speechifying, and seconded by “Rover,” who generally says something.
Professor Willie Gallocher, with pedantic harmony.

Toast: I forgot the name, but we drank it all the same.

Song: “The Village Blacksmith” (Mr. J. Kelly).
* I won’t criticise – he is a musician.

Toast: “The Press,” by Mr. Dunbar, and seconded by Mr. Foss (Liverpool Post), who had hear of Bootle before seeing it. Good!

Song: “Daddy” (Mr. Favier).
Toast: “Mr. Vicars and his good lady,” proposed by Mr. Barrett, and seconded by every one.
And when “God Save the Queen” was heard,
There was scarcely two or three that stirred.
“Play up, Bootle!”
(Source: Cricket and Football Field: May 6, 1893)

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