Liverpudliana: By Richard Samuel (May 6, 1893)

May 6, 1893
The Liverpool Club have a splendid record for the season, and there are not many clubs that can sport two cups as the result of its first season’s work. The Lancashire League championship was an interesting finish, and our Southport friends deserve the thanks of the Liverpool Club for their part in the transaction. The winning of the Liverpool Cup by the team is fresh in minds of my readers, and Mr. John Houlding has now two splendid cups in his possession. What it has cost I cannot say, but it is bound to be a heavy sum, for the attendance at the matches at Anfield have only been moderate.

Even tip-top teams have not drawn and a loss must have resulted from these ventures. With this the directors are prepared to put up with, but it is the insecurity of their ground that troubles them. I don’t think the arrangements in regard to the team for next season are in a forward state, but there is not the least sign of shutting up, on contrary, they are determined to go on with the Liverpool club, and with the experience the executive have had, this season especially, they should be able next season to dispense with the Scotch element in forming a team.
(Cricket and Football Field: May 6, 1893)


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