Liverpool again rejected for the First Division of the Football League

May 26, 1893
The annual meeting of the Football League was held at the Crosby Hotel, Manchester, under the presidency of Mr William McGregor. The Sheffield United representative proposed that the number of clubs in the First Division be increased from 16 to 20 clubs.
– Small Heath seconded.
– Everton opposed, and Bootle supported the motion, arguing that it was unfair that the Everton club should monopolise nearly all the support to Association football in Liverpool.
The proposition was defeated by 14 to 13 votes.

Liverpool and Middlesbrough Ironopolis applied for admission to the First Division, but the chairman pointed out that to them that they could not be admitted according to the rules, and that no club could be admitted to the First Division without graduating in the Second Division.

Rotherham Town and Newcastle United made application and were admitted to the Second Division, and application for the two vacancies are to be made to the Emergency Committee, which will hold a meeting next Wednesday in London.

The League fixtures are to be decided on Thursday, June 1st, at Anderton’s Hotel, London.
(Preston Chronicle: May 27, 1893)



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