Hearts v St. Bernard’s 3-3 (Rosebery Charity Cup Final: May 27, 1893)

May 27, 1893
Match: Rosebery Charity Cup Final, at Powderhall, kick-off: 16:00.
Hearts – St. Bernard’s 3-3 (0-3).
Attendance: 10,000.
Heart of Midlothian (2-3-5): Jock Fairbarn, James Adams, William Hogg, Isaac Begbie, George Hogg, John Waterston, Willie Taylor, David Russell, Willie Michael, John Walker, David Baird.
St. Bernard’s (2-3-5): James Baillie, Walter Arnott, Bobby Foyers, James McNab, William Urquhart Baird, George McDonald, William Gulliland, Thomas Smith Waddell, James Oswald, Robert Tulloch Dobie, Bernard Crossan.
The goals: 0-1 Waddell, 0-2 Gullliland, 0-3 Waddell, 1-3 Begbie, 2-3 Michael, 3-3 Russell.
** St. Bernard’s refused to play extra time claiming that the Hearts’ player were injuring them on purpose. Hearts were therefore declared winners of the Charity Cup.


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