Nuggets from Cricket and Football Field (May 27, 1893)

May 27, 1893
* Bootle F.C. are expecting a moiety of the Association’s wealth, if they disburse a portion to the wishful clubs that want.
* £9 6s. 2d. each was Bootle and Liverpool’s share of the semi-final tie (Liverpool Cup). Such deplorable weakness in lowering the original charge of 6d. to 3d. by the Association was certainly the cause of the fiasco.
* Bootle F.C. are working quietly with regard to their team, and do not intend to let their liabilities overwhelm them.
* Liverpool F.C. do not intend to move from Anfield, and are already very busy about the coming time when the bounding ball will be the talk and rhyme.
* £112 represents the proceeds of the Anfield theatrical football match. Of this £40 goes to the children of Albert Smith, deceased, the founder, and £36 each to the Northern and Stanley Hospitals. Very good, considering the wet day, &c.
(Cricket and Football Field: May 27, 1893)