Liverpool elected to the Second Division of the Football League

May 31, 1893
A telegram;
“Liverpool make application to the Second Division of the League”, signed by William Barclay, left Liverpool for London Wednesday morning.

A council meeting of the Emergency Committee of the Football League was held at the offices, Chancery-lane, London, last Wednesday. The following teams made applications for the last two places in the Second Division:
– Accrington, Nottingham Forest, Woolwich Arsenal, Liverpool, Doncaster Rovers, Loughborough Town, and Middlesbrough Ironopolis.

Woolwich Arsenal and Liverpool were elected in.

Burnley applied for £15 from Liverpool, a loss sustained by reason of a friendly match being cancelled on April 29, but as Liverpool had given two weeks` notice, no action was taken.
(Preston Chronicle: June 3, 1893)

Later that Wednesday a bemused Barclay called on John McKenna and handed him a wired reply from London which read: –
“Liverpool elected. Come to London meeting at 3 o`clock tomorrow to arrange fixtures.” McKenna had no authority to do this action, he signed the telegram in the name of Liverpool FC`s secretary W.E. Barclay. Presented with this “fait accompli” the other directors had no choice. McKenna persuaded them to allow him to go to London the following day.
(Centenary History of Liverpool FC by Simon Inglis)

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