Liverpool and District notes: June 5, 1893 (Athletic News)

June 5, 1893
We are now in the proud position of having three clubs in the League – one in the First Division and two in the second. Everton are alright, and in a commanding position as regards securing the support of the public. Liverpool have recognised the hard fact that the League is the only means of getting on.

The Lancashire League failed to draw in Liverpool, and for the matter of that so have the Second Division clubs at Bootle. At any rate, Liverpool will no doubt do better, and with Accrington and Notts County they are in good company. The travelling expenses will be a caution, but hard as our clubs will be hit, the Arsenal and Newcastle United will be even more heavily handicapped.

It will be hard to say how Liverpool and Bootle will fare in the competition, but success in the field means everything, and the prospect of getting in the First Division is to my mind the only thing that has induced them to join. But it will be a difficult job to work to this favourable position, for all are bent on attaining the same object. I should think the Liverpool people are now sorry they did not join the Second Division last season. Bootle and Liverpool have arranged their fixtures on their own hook, but both were anxious to have the Everton arrangement before them, and it may be taken for granted that the matches at Hawthorne Road and Anfield will clash to a great extent.
(Source: Athletic News: June 5, 1893)

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