Meeting of the Football League (June 16, 1893)

June 16, 1893
The first meeting of the Management Committee of the Football League was held at Nottingham on Friday, and lasted over four hours. Amongst other minor matters, Aston Villa lodged the necessary £10 and intimated that they intend to bring the case of Willie Groves before the Appeals Committee. This is the first time a decision of the League has been so seriously objected to as to call in the services of Messrs. Clegg, Crump and Forrest, and Messrs. Bentley and Starling have been appointed to defend the League’s action.

Tom Brandon, the well-known back, applied for a transfer from Sheffield Wednesday to Blackburn Rovers, and said his engagement with the Wednesday Club had expired, and that his reason for wanting to return to Blackburn was that the air in Sheffield did not suit either him or his wife, and that his relatives all resided in the East Lancashire town.

Sheffield Wednesday objected, chiefly on the ground that they had paid a matter of £230 for the goodwill, &c., of a public-house, and had been compelled to give the Blackburn Rovers a guarantee of £120 for a Monday match, in order to get the League to remove a boycott.

With his weekly wages, and considering how long Brandon was injured, it will be found that we were not speaking off the book when we stated last week that he had cost the Wednesday something like £10 per match, although some writers who have very little knowledge of the subject advised their readers to take it with a grain of salt.

The consideration of the case occupied over an hour, and it was ten decided not to grant the transfer. Brandon says he will not kick another ball for the Sheffield club under any circumstances, and we believe Blackburn Rovers will now take the matter up.

Another important decision was arrived at on a question submitted by the Liverpool Club to the Football League. A few of the Liverpool players are now in Scotland, and have not signed for next season, and the club wished to know if they could be approached without their consent. The Management Committee decided that the men must be considered League players of the Liverpool Club. This will affect all the new members admitted to the second division.
(Source: Athletic News: June 19, 1893)



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