John Miller and Jock Smith transferred to The Wednesday

July 28, 1893
In view of the rapidly-approaching football season and having regard to the interest taken in the doings of the Sheffield Wednesday club, we append a list of the signed players for the coming season.

For some  portion of the past year the team which played in the famous “blue and white” did so well as to make most people believe it was as good as could be desired. But towards the latter end of the season, from some never explained cause, the quality of the play fell off sadly, and defeats were experienced when victories formerly might with reason have been expected. Thus the Committee have had this to remedy. League football at the present time is of a kind which will not allow lapses of form so lamentable as those which were witnessed on the part of Wednesday in the last few weeks of the season 1892-3.

It will be seen by the list which we publish below that most of the old names re-appear. The good work they did collectively, f not always individually, in the earlier fixtures in 1892 have not been overlooked by Executive, whose selection of players – new and old – has been most carefully made. To that body high praise must be given for he result of their efforts, for in almost every case where new men have been engaged, care has been exercised, and none but first class players dealt with. With respect to the Celtic man – John Madden – he has hitherto proved himself so thoroughly unreliable that his coming must be put down at all events as problematical. He is “expected,” so we are informed, that is all we can say.
As to Tom Brandon, as well, his place has not yet been filled up. He is expected to resume it as the season opens. He may do so, or not, the Committee express no definite opinion.

The list of players is as follows: – Goal, Bill Allen. Backs: Tom Brandon, Albert Mumford and Ambrose Langley (of Middlesbrough Ironopolis). Half-backs: Harry Brandon, Billy Betts, and Bruce Chalmers, with the addition of Robert Glen (of Renton), Martin (of Hibernians) and Jimmy Jamieson (of Everton). Forwards: Harry Davies, “Sparrow” Brown, W. Brady, on the right wing; Alex Rowan and John Miller (of Dumbarton), and possibly John Madden (of Celtic) in the centre; Fred Spiksley, and Jock Smith (of Liverpool) on the left.

Probably one or two more men may be chosen before the present season I far advanced, but the above are at present registered players, so we are informed. Some of them are in Sheffield now, and the remainder are expected next week, and practice is to begin either the first or second week in August. The Wednesday Committee are to be congratulated on the enterprise they have shown. It is to be hoped that the season’s results will abundantly justify their action.
(Sheffield Daily Telegraph: July 28, 1893)

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