Season preview 1893-94: Liverpool F.C. (Athletic News)

August 28, 1893
It speaks well for the executive of this club that nearly all last year’s players will again be seen on the Anfield Road ground. Last season the men hardly received fair treatment at the hands of those who paid occasional visits to the old quarters; indeed, at times the conduct of the spectators, to put it mildly, was very unsportsmanlike, but for all that they are here again.

The team will be Alex Rennie (of Everton) or William McOwen, goal; Andrew Hannah and Duncan McLean, backs; John McCartney, Joe McQue and James McBride, half-backs; Patrick Gordon, Malcolm McVean, James Henderson, James Stott and Hugh McQueen, forwards. Matt McQueen will again be the general knock about, and I should not be surprised to see him figuring often at back.

The new men are Henderson, of Annabank, centre forward, and Stott, of Middlesbrough, and both come with good reputations. Inducements have been offered the players to qualify for the First Division of the League, which will be supplemented by a further consideration should they get a place. The team is a good one, and will undoubtedly show up better in the company they are in.

Last season they were disappointing at times, but it was due to other influences more than superior play of their opponents. The travelling will be exceptionally heavy, but the executive are neutralising this by limiting the number of matches, and only a few outside the League fixtures will be taken on.

Popular prices of admission will be the rule – 4d admission, whilst another 4d will admit to any stand in the ground. This move should find favour with the workingmen, and I hope to see an improvement in the attendance.
(Source: Athletic News: August 28, 1893)

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