Liverpool v Newton Neath 1-0 (Friendly match)

Wednesday, September 6 – 1893
Match: Friendly, at Anfield.
Liverpool – Newton Heath 1-0 (1-0).
Attendance: 2,000.
Liverpool (2-3-5): William McOwen; Andrew Hannah (C), Duncan McLean; Matt McQueen, Joe McQue, James McBride; Patrick Gordon, Malcolm McVean, James Henderson, James Stott, Hugh McQueen.
Newton Heath (2-3-5): Joe Fall; Andy Mitchell, Lever; George Perrins, William Stewart, William Davidson; Alf Farman, James McNaught, Robert Donaldson, Thomas Fitzsimmons, John Peden.
The goal: 1-0 H. McQueen.

Last evening. Liverpool occupied their own ground in the above match for the first time this season. The visitors were strongly represented, the team being almost identically the same as that which inflicted defeat upon Burnley last Saturday, Lever playing back instead of Clemets.

Hannah won the toss, and Donaldson started. McQue at once became prominent for good tackling, and the ball was taken into Newton territory.

A foul gave temporary relief, but Gordon and McVean sent across, and Stott initiated another attack, but failed with his final shot.

Strong back play by Mitchell and Davidson prevented disaster, but a grand shot by McVean following some excellent work by Gordon, deserved a better fate than a futile corner.

Donaldson next headed a forward movement, and although assisted by McNaught and Fitzsimmons, the home backs proved too god, and again the Liverpool forwards were in the vicinity of Fall, where Stott spoiled a previous good effort by placing outside.

Farman, for the visitors, then raced away on the right, and from his centre Peden tested McOwen with a finely-judged shot.

Gordon replied with a similar run, and, giving to McVean, at the right time, McQueen finally converted the latter’s games into a tangible point.

Indifferent play by McVean and Henderson ruined a splendid opening given by Hannah, and shortly afterwards Newton Heath livened up considerably, and serious danger was threatened by a couple of well-placed corners, taken by Perrins, which, however, were got away by McQue.

Returning to the assault, Farman showed a clean pair of heels to McLean, but danger was averted by Hannah’s judiciousness, notwithstanding that McNaught and Perrins tested McOwen with two magnificent shots.

Immediately after the interval Stott broke away in characteristic style, and finished up with an attempt that Fall cleared with great difficulty.

Long kicking was then indulged in by the visitors, and Peden caused McOwen to use his hands. Still having slightly the best of the game, Gordon put on a second point, which however, was disallowed by the referee.

Both sides now put more energy into their play, and Peden executed several rapid sprints on the left, from one which Donaldson had distinctly hard lines with a shot which struck the cross-bar.

The home team, responding to the cries of their supporters, took up the running, and but for the weak play of their centre must have found a way into the net.

Ultimately the game ended in a win for Liverpool by a goal to nil.
(Liverpool Mercury, 07-09-1893)

Hugh McQueen
Hugh McQueen JC

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