Labour demonstrations at Liverpool

September 16, 1893
Under the auspices of the Liverpool and District Trades Council, the various bodies of workmen affiliated thereto held a demonstration on Saturday, in Sefton Park, the immediate object being to influence the Corporation in the direction of giving contracts only to fair-wage firms, and to advocate the finding of work for the unemployed. The trades mustered in Abercromby Square, and with bands and banners marched to the park by way of Bedford-street South, Prince’s Avenue, and Croxteth drive. About fifty colliers from St. Helens were assigned a position in the procession, and these carried collecting boxes for receiving the contribution of the public in aid of the funds for the relief of those in distress in consequence of the prolonged dispute in the coal trade. In the park meetings were held round several platforms, and addresses were delivered by Mr. S. Woods, M.P., Mr. Keir Hardie, M.P., Mr. Glover (miners’ agent, St. Helens), Mr. Matkin, Mr. J. Sexton, and others.
(Source: Manchester Evening News: September 18, 1893)

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