Liverpool v Middlesbrough Ironopolis 6-0 (League match: October 7, 1893)

October 7, 1893
Match: Football League, Second Division, at Anfield, kick-off: 15:30.
Liverpool – Middlesbrough Ironopolis 6-0 (4-0).
Attendance: 7,000.
Referee: Mr. L. Furniss.
Liverpool (2-3-5): William McOwen; Andrew Hannah (C), Duncan McLean; Matt McQueen, Joe McQue, James McBride; Patrick Gordon, Malcolm McVean, David Henderson, James Stott, Hugh McQueen.
Middlesbrough Ironopolis (2-3-5): Roger Ord, Mark Upton, Walter Adams, Duncan McNair, Jimmy Grewer, J Bell, Henry Allport, G MacKay, J.M. Mooney, Thomas Hunter, Frank Deakin.
The goals: 1-0 McLean, 2-0 Stott, 3-0 Stott, 4-0 Henderson, 5-0 Stott, 6-0 H. McQueen.

James Stott

Notwithstanding that the visitors to Anfield on Saturday last were figuring near the bottom of the League table, yet a large crowd assembled, numbering fully 7,000. Hannah won the toss, and Mooney (late of Bootle) gave the initial kick.

Liverpool immediately went to the front, and at once ran over the “Nops’” goal-line. From the kick out M. McQueen returned to Henderson, whose shot almost reduced the enemy’s fortress ere a couple of minutes had elapsed.

Keeping in their opponents’ half continually Adams and Ord had a warm time of it, and relief was only obtained by McQue punting over the cross bar. A miskick by McLean let in Allport and Mooney, but Hannah came to rescue, and sent up the field, and Stott securing possession, earned a corner, which after some difficulty was cleared by Upton, but a foul against McNair threatened a new source of danger.

This was attended to by Grewar, but McLean timely meeting the ball banged into the goal mouth, with the result that it passed into the net, and the burly back had the gratification of opening the score.

Giving the opposition little or no quarter, the Liverpudlians kept the gamed confined to Middlesbrough territory. Gordon and McVean being most assiduous in their efforts to reduce the “Nops” citadel.

A free kick taken by Hannah was but poorly manipulated, and a miskick by McLean – a very rare occurrence – let in Mooney, who with his support menaced the home goal till Hannah relieved and gave to Stott, who culminated a grand piece of work by scoring  second point.

Neat passing by Allport and Mackay carried the ball momentarily into the home half, but M. McQueen raised the siege, and with Gordon and McVean fairly brought down the house by a series of magnificent passes and short fast dribbles, finally ending in Gordon obtaining a fruitless corner.

Immediately Stott headed a third point through. A slight alteration now took place in the situation of the play, but Gordon settled matters by a fast dribble on the right, which led up to a most severe attack upon Ord, out of which Henderson scored a fourth goal.

Just previous to half-time the visitors rallied, but were easily repulsed.

Upon resuming Liverpool went at once to the front, but Gordon opened most inauspiciously, as within a couple of minutes this player landed four excellent chances high over the bar.

The play of the home team from this point slackened down, and although at times responding to the calls of the onlookers to “play up,” yet their whole play lacked that vim and earnestness which delights the spectators. Eventually H. McQueen and Stott added points, and the game ended in a hollow victory for Liverpool by 6 goals to 0.
(Liverpool Mercury: October 9, 1893)

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