Preston North End v Liverpool 3-0 (Friendly: October 16, 1893)

October 16, 1893
Match: Friendly, at Deepdale.
Preston North End – Liverpool 3-0 (1-0).
Attendance: 1,000.
Referee: Mr. J. Lewis.
Preston North End (2-3-5): Jimmy Trainer, Bob Holmes, Nick Ross, James Sharp, Billy Greer, John Holmes, John Cunningham, John McCann, Waring, Frank Becton, John Cowan.
Liverpool (2-3-5): William McOwen, Andrew Hannah (C), Duncan McLean, Matt McQueen, Joe McQue, James McBride, Patrick Gordon, Malcolm McVean, David Henderson, James Stott, Hugh McQueen.
The goals: 1-0 Cunningham (12 min.), 2-0 Cunningham (75 min.), 3-0 Waring (83 min.).

At the request of the Preston club, Liverpool visited the historic Deepdale ground yesterday to meet the home team in friendly conflict. After Ross had beaten Hannah in having the choice of ends Mr. Lewis arrayed the sides.

Liverpool opened in a promising style, and had rather the best of the first few minutes’ play, Gordon and Stott causing the home custodian to clear his lines.

This not suiting the North Enders the crowd exhibited a little impatience, and, answering to the cries of the assembly, the home team, by tricky and speedy play, carried the ball into Liverpool territory, Cunningham completing a good run of Cowan’s into a major point.

This reverse appeared to nettle the visitors, and again Trainor was compelled to fist out from McBride, Gordon, and Henderson, the former also striking the bar with two splendid attempts. Even play then followed, and at half-time North End were still a goal to the good.

When the team got to work again, Greer, Cunningham, and McCann brought danger to the Liverpool goal, but Hannah and McQueen prevented the threatened downfall, and Henderson McVean, and Gordon, in turn, and showing grand form, changed the scene of action to Trainor’s end.

Here the ball remained for a lengthened period, the whole of the Liverpool forwards and half-backs having fruitless shies, and had Trainor not been at his very best his citadel must have succumbed.

A brief breakaway by Cowan and Becton was easily repulsed by McLean and McQue, and again a terrific bombardment around Trainor took place, but luck was against Liverpool, and score they could not.

North End rallied, and Greer led up to a strong attack, which finished in a most satisfactory manner to the Prestonians, as Cunningham beat McOwen with a perfect teaser about a quarter of an hour off time.

This second an unexpected downfall unhinged the Liverpool defence, an a weak clearance later on by McOwen proved a gift to the homesters, as Waring added a third point. Ultimately the game resulted in Liverpool their first defeat by 3 goals to nil, a score which in no way indicates the play.
(Liverpool Mercury: October 17, 1893)

James Sharp, Preston North End (Lloyd’s Weekly News: January 27, 1895):


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